Commercial point – main road Tamarindo

This Commercial point is a great property with lots of options for either commercial rental or residential rental income producing. It has a total of approximately 2500 ft2 of construction which is currently used by an international school who is renting it. The total size of property is 724 m2 (7500 ft2) with a frontage on the main paved road of  17 meters (51 feet).

The construction is solid , made out of block with some of the internal walls in drywall.

The property used to have a restaurant on one side with a commercial kitchen.

There are several spaces/rooms on the second floor which has a separate entrance from the outside.

All neighboring properties are used for commercial activities. Across the street is the Automercado and the Garden Plaza commercial center. The land in the back can be accessible from the side so could be used for long term rental apartments which there is a huge demand for in the Tamarindo area. It is just a 5 minute walk to the beach!

Offered at 295K  – as it is already gets 7% ROI but huge potential for more.

Must see!

More information available here!