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  • Ventanas de playa grande
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Las Ventanas de Playa Grande is a 380-acre ocean view community located along the breathtaking Pacific Coast in Guanacaste. It is a project that embodies the unique lifestyle that can only be experienced in Costa Rica, with its´ white sand beaches, tropical waters and exuberant vegetation. The project represents, what will be, one of the most exclusive and sustainable private communities in the country.

The concept, unique of the Country, reflects a strong commitment to preserving the environment and securely keeping the project in harmony with the natural esthetics of the area. Constituted as a low density project (3.5 units per hectare), the developer wants to provide inspiration to develop a community that will be both beautiful and sustainable. Playa Grande offers an excellent, secure and healthy lifestyle to enjoy. Local and resident people will satisfy your social needs and also will give you the perfect approach to nature.

Residential lots are starting at $65,000 with ocean view, homes starting at US$325,000

Check back with us soon on updated info on the next phase of this upcoming development!

Or contact Sophie Menou for a tour!

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  • Beachfront
  • Bedding
  • Cable TV
  • Cleaning after Exit
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  • Fan
  • Fridge
  • Grill
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