Mercedes Bucknor

Mercedes was born and raised in Cartago, a city located on the east side of Costa Rica. She used to work as a Forex trader, after having transitioned to the banking industry for a couple of years. Mercedes moved to Guanacaste to get away from the noise and traffic of San Jose. Here she met her husband and a few months later she decided to move here after finishing an MBA in Finance.
This was the time Mercedes was introduced to Property Management and the real estate industry, and where she found herself passionate with that profession. Now she is focusing on real estate and decided to join our team at Hidden Coast Realty.

Mercedes is very attentive to the smallest of details, and with her experience, her ability with numbers and bright personality, she will be the right person who can help you find the property of your dreams, based on what you are looking for, your needs and preferences.

Mercedes can be contacted in Spanish, English or Portuguese

Office: (506) 2653-0708
Mobile: (506) 8846-3110

Toll Free number : 1-888-2770466

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