Ahhhh! Playa Organos….

Playa Organos has everything a world traveler or expat could dream of in an adventure, fun, people, location and things to do…..

Playa Organos is located at the Southern most tip of The Nicoya Peninsula.

This is a “Blue Zone“. You might ask: What is a “blue zone”?

There are five blue zones in the world. These blue zone areas are special areas in the world where people commonly live to be 100 or more years of age with a healthy life.

Blue zones have been identified by scientists around the world and are believed to offer excellent family and social values, economic stability that is based on core social values and happiness as opposed to simply monetary values. People have spiritual connections, family connections and healthy eating habits along with regular daily exercise. These factors add up to a long healthy life producing many centurians.


In Playa Organos you feel the strong social values as people ride bikes or walk through town which is Paquera the town leading into the beach. The streets are full of families and friends working together in places like a small cafe or a garage that is made into a small boutique selling clothing or animal feed. Not too many of the locals rely on automobiles and they always seem to be smiling and laughing. Here there is real happiness.

The local people all seem to head to Playa Organos, the beach for sunset or sunrise. You can always find the community on the beach for weekend picnics or soccer. This is a very authentic area of Costa Rica that offers a real sense of Costa Rica. Not many speak any English. I get by with my little Spanish but the people are so friendly and helpful. No one seems to mind the “gringa” in the village. People are helpful and happy.

There is so much to do in Playa Organos.

Isla Tortuga is 14 Km across the water in the small bay. There is excellent snorkeling and many local fisherman will offer a quick 14 minute boat ride for about 10,000 mill colones round trip per person. That is appx. $20 and you can stay on the island for free all day. They will pick you up. Once you are on the island, you can find excellent oysters, seafood, bbq and snacks. There is even a small gift shop that offers high quality sunscreen clothing and wifi cards so you can go Live on Social Media!

They have amazing beer and cocktails, pets are allowed on Isla Tortuga. They have lounge chairs for a small fee with shade. There is swimming and the water is so blue and clean. Can not say enough good things about visiting Isla Tortuga and Playa Organos.

Bahia Rica is an amazing small tour company run by a lovely upbeat couple from The Norway. They are extremely helpful, informative and offer great services and prices. The snorkeling trip to Isa Tortuga was an amazing fun day and we stopped at a monkey island to see the white faced monkey’s come to greet us at the shore. They love the interaction with people and danced and played for our showtime.

Once we got out to Isla Tortuga Bahia Rica had snacks, excellent equipment and I must say the boats are top of the line. The boat captains speak perfect English and are super fun and amazing.

Bahia Rica also offers excellent fishing trips and the fish are jumping all over the water! They use live bait, excellent boats and great fishing guides. They even have a guest lodge for people to stay over. There are bio luminescent tours every month. Most places only have the bio luminescent once a year. In Playa Organos there are lights in the water every month which is rare and wonderful. Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Bahia Rica is the best for all thing water related!


You do Not Want To Miss: Isla Chiquita, if you stay there or go for dinner–You Must Go.

Omg, this is one of the best world class meals I have ever had, steak, lobster that are huge, great wine menu and specialty cocktails. They pick you up on a boat beside the Paquera Ferry. The small boat and driver take you about 5 km across the bay to an island that feels like a magical secluded fairy land from a fairy tail. The island is lit up with sparkling lights and offers magical trails to the bar, the beach dining area and the beach. Once you are there–you will feel like you do not want to leave. Everything feels so magical from the wonderful service with attention to every detail from the choices, specials to the desserts. Divine. Reservations are required because you will require the water taxi and it is a small rare gem. Make sure not to miss this special experience on this small island: Isla Chiquita.


Playa Organos has the most “chill” beach vibe of any place in Central America. The people that live in this community smile, rake the beach, pick up garbage and serve excellent drinks and food directly on the beach at a epic beach bar; That is right, there is a beach bar kind of shack place on the parking lot area. You would not expect it but the cocktails and food are great. They prepare specialty rum or top shelf drinks. Steak and Lobster for under $20 and they are so happy to see you. This is the neighborhood place to go. Rocio runs this adorable, tiny pink shack bar/grill every day and on weekends it is packed. Picnic bench style seating and the food is great. This is the place!


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