Kalia Living: “Heaven On Earth”

Remember going to summer camp when you were a kid? That feeling of light hearted fun, joy, playing and connecting to nature? Kalia Living brings back that inner feeling of happiness the minute you arrive. The people, the place, the views, the fresh air and The Luxury!

Kalia is like summer camp for adults–But better–Luxury on Overdrive. If you look closely–There is a passionate feeling of high-touch-wealth and exclusivity that assures you every detail has been executed to the finest degree; The sexy bathrooms, showers, sinks and in-suite feel to every bedroom. The huge view windows with welded glass corners, sweeping mountain, jungle and ocean views are breath taking! The kitchens, patios and decks seem to call out for parties, cocktails, mocktails, pool parties, dancing or quiet relaxing. The great rooms, hallways and landscape seem vast, expansive and luxurious. There is a feeling of being at The Ritz in Laguana Beach but with the freedom of the jungle and your exclusive villa all to yourself. The villas are very private yet expansive. Each villa is versatile for a honeymoon couples feeling, family reunion, wedding or big patio swim party!

Each villa at Kalia offers a private retreat-like feeling that will leave you with a feeling of never wanting to leave. That Endless Summer Vacation.

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