Playa Organos…..The Next “Big Thing”

Playa Organos faces Isla Tortuga which is one of the most scenic must go-to places in Costa Rica. Paquara is the “big” town and is situated minutes away from Playa Organos. In this town you can have some of the best meals for the lowest prices. Macho’s and Las Vegas are on the main road. They sit side by side and offer choices of delicious meat dishes at Machos and Las Vegas has outrageously good seafood.

Paquera has many hardware stores and grocery shopping. Locals sell clothing in their front porch or carport areas. Most of the people ride bikes everywhere and people are so friendly. People know one another and the streets seem to bustle with friendly people, shopping, walking or biking.

People seem happy in this small town. Going to the beach or La Playa is a regular thing for families at the end of the day. The main road in Paquara goes to the ferry. Just before the ferry there is a right turn on a dirt road that goes to the beach. Playa Organos has a small bar that sits directly in front of the beach.

The beach bar is run by Rocio and her children. She makes the best cocktails, offers cold beers along with really outstanding nachos, steak and lobster at a really low price.

The people at the bar can also hook you up with a cheap boat ride to Isla Tortuga. It takes 16 minutes to get to the island. There is no fee to be on the island. Swimming, snorkeling and good food await you on the island. There is even a small gift shop with excellent quality sunscreen shirts, food and even wifi cards!

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