Loads of Costa Rican’s visiting San Juanillo Holy Week!

Holy week means huge crowds in the Nosara area but Costa Rica honors the land and things are all clean and sparkling!

I love the fact that the Nosara, San Juanillo area is so authentic. True vacation spot not for the gringo but the old style family vacation. Seems like all of San Jose got packed up in the mini van and car–loaded up the kids and coolers–off to the beaches!

I loved seeing all the kids and families on the beach and in the water. After a few days the crowd grew larger and larger. This area is the true Costa Rica. I was so happy to see them enjoy it but I was sad to see the garbage, crowds etc. I never thought the beaches would be the same.

The Monday after everyone celebrated Easter the fisherman and their crews got out and had the beaches spotless clean. I love this country! I love how they have fun but take care of the planet and keep it nice for all!

Pura Vida!

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