Quick Facts

Popularity: High
Province: Guanacaste
Style: Cross country
Regional Airport: Tamarindo – 10 minutes away
International Airport: Liberia – 60 minutes away
Distance to San Jose: 258 KM, 4-5 hour drive

Costa Rica Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a very popular and growing sport in Costa Rica, from the city to the coast. You can find a variety of trails in Guanacaste, most of which are cross country style. If you are more of a leisurely rider, there are kilometers of paved up and downhill roads, flat areas across the Guanacaste region.

There are a lot of options for Tamarindo mountain biking that go from town up and the coast! Mountain bikers can find trails in the back area of Tamarindo called Los Jobos. Las Catalinas is 30 minutes north of Tamarindo and also offers a great selections of trails with beautiful views of the Costa Rican jungle and the Pacific. You can find road/trails from Refundores in Tamarindo that connect all the way to Bahia de los Piratas.

The private community of Hacienda Pinilla is renowned for their vast winding trails and beautiful surroundings. For those who own property or are staying in the community, it is a must do adventure considering the well maintained MTB trails and endlessly green environment.

Other notable areas for mountain biking in the country are Liberia, Rincón de la Vieja and San José. San José offers a great variety of trails and is considered the Mecca of mountain biking in Central America because of the city’s surrounding hillsides..

Costa Rica’s climate has two distinct seasons. Dry season lasts from December through April and will mainly provide dry and dusty trails with higher temperatures throughout the day. The green season lasts from April to November when the rains will make trails slick and muddy, especially in September and October.

Best months of the year to practice MTB are May, April, June,July, August, with light rains in the afternoon and beautiful sunny and cooler mornings.

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We hope this information was useful and that you can cruise through some of Guanacaste’s beautiful trails!


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