Quick Facts

Popularity: High / Many nature lovers
Province: Guanacaste
Number of National Parks: 10
Best time of the year: All year round / Green Season
Regional Airport: Tamarindo – 10 minutes away
International Airport: Liberia – 60 minutes away
Distance to San Jose: 258 KM, 4-5 hour drive

Costa Rica Wildlife

Although Costa Rica only accounts for 0.3% of the world’s landmass, Costa Rica consists of 5% of the planet’s biodiversity! It’s no wonder that the country places such a high priority on protecting wildlife and nature. Overall, about 25% of Costa Rica is protected. With all of this in mind, wildlife observers, tourists, and environmentalists alike come to Costa Rica to get a glimpse of how nature can flourish when we respect and take care of the world around us. 

With over 500,000 animal species, wildlife in Costa Rica is some of the most diverse in the world. You can spot wildlife on walks through town where you’ll find loud, roaring howler monkeys, feisty iguanas and lizards, chirping birds, and more. Nature conservatories like Diamante National Park expand on these sights with jaguars and wildcats, butterflies exhibits, massive crocodiles, the list goes on. We have 10 national parks in Guanacaste, Costa Rica that offer amazing experiences & tours.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is the #1 place to explore wildlife in Costa Rica. With a zip-line course that will take your breath away as you fly across canopies of trees and cruise along the ocean’s coast, you don’t want to miss this chance to see so much wildlife in one place with a side of fun!

Diamante is unlike any other nature watching sight, for they work closely with professionals from SINAC, the organization in charge of the country’s wildlife, and top veterinarians to ensure that the safety of the animals and their environment is placed before profits from tourism. “Diamante is committed to furthering education and ensuring awareness among visitors and locals about the importance of respect and the protection of wildlife.” 

Wildlife observation ventures off the land and circles its way back into the ocean where thousands of fish await snorkelers and scuba divers. Off the coast of Flamingo Bay, the Catalinas Islands draw just as many divers as they do fish. This hugely popular diving site has a unique volcanic rock formation that protrudes above water, and attracts sea turtles, octopi, rays, eels, sharks, and more underneath the surface. Access to gear is easily available for rent, and a variety of diving tours can be booked for those wishing to see this side of wildlife. Other notable diving destinations include the Coco Islands, Caño Island Biological Reserve, the Gulf of Papagayo, Cueva del Tiburon, and El Bajo del Diablo.

For other information about Tamarindo wildlife refuges or national parks in Guanacaste, Costa Rica see the links below!

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We hope this information was useful ad that you can capture the beautiful biodiversity of Costa Rica!

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