Christian Cavanagh


  • Service Areas: Guanacaste, North Pacific Coast based in Tamarindo
  • Specialties: Real Estate - Consulting

Property Types

  • 43% Homes/Villas
  • 29% Gated Community
  • 8% Homesites/Lots
  • 20% Other

Property Status

  • 52% For Sale
  • 26% Sold
  • 11% Pre-Construction
  • 11% Other

Property Cities

  • 51% Tamarindo
  • 14% Playa Grande
  • 8% Villareal
  • 27% Other

About Christian Cavanagh

Christian was born and raised in Venezuela. His life in Venezuela developed in the North Coast that borders the incredible Caribbean Sea, this made him immediately fall in love with the sea, the sand, the surf and the good vibes of living on the beach. Passionate about sports and building positive human relationships wherever he is.

He graduated as a business administrator with a specialization in management. His natural vocation for service and customer service made him venture into the automotive corporate world developing the area of after sales and customer service for world renowned premium brands, the last 5 years of his professional career were dedicated to specialize in the art of sales becoming a consultant preparing and developing salespeople throughout Latin America. Along this path he managed to forge a high level of expertise in customer service and in the art of sales from the consulting approach, this gives him the perfect mix that opens the doors to the world of Real Estate.

The corporate world led him to live also in Argentina and Mexico, and to travel continuously through Europe, the United States and all of Latin America, which led him to empathize, enjoy and feel comfortable interacting with different cultures.

After continuous visits to Costa Rica throughout the last 10 years, he decided this year with his family to undertake a new adventure in the place where his passions come together, life near the sea, surrounded by people with different cultures and where he can exploit his vocation for service and customer service, setting as his own mission “To advise and support customers so they can get the property they want through a satisfactory and unforgettable experience”.


Language: Spanish & English

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    We are extremely satisfied with their VIP treatment and ongoing support.

    Christian and Bruno from Hidden Coast Realty did an outstanding job finding us the best deal and location in Costa Rica. They provided us with white glove service, excellent communication, and extensive knowledge. They even went above and beyond by assisting us with legal representation. We are extremely satisfied with their VIP treatment and ongoing support even after the purchase. Christian and Bruno at Hidden Coast Realty are truly amazing and wonderful people! If you are looking for a property in Costa Rica, definitely reach out to Christian and Bruno at Hidden Coast Realty.

    Millie Cornejo
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    I would recommend them to any prospective buyers!

    We bought a property aboard, which is a daunting task under any circumstances. Bruno and Christian made it smooth. If you want a truly white glove experience, patience, persistence, and a team who will continue working for you beyond the “traditional job”, you need not look further. They are trusted partners. I would recommend them to any prospective buyers and happily will provide a personal conversation to expand upon this review because there are not enough words to express my gratitude on an amazing experience.

    Amy Carroll
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    I wholeheartedly recommend Hidden Coast Realty

    Great Experience with Hidden Coast Realty in Costa Rica

    I am delighted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with Hidden Coast Realty during my recent property search in Costa Rica. From the outset, their team demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that set them apart in the real estate industry.

    The transparency and integrity exhibited by Hidden Coast Realty were notable throughout the entire process. Their team provided comprehensive information about each property, including details on legalities, neighborhood dynamics, and potential future developments. This transparency instilled trust and allowed me to make informed decisions with confidence.

    What truly set Hidden Coast Realty apart was their dedication to customer service. Responsiveness was exceptional – my inquiries were promptly addressed, and they were readily available to accommodate my schedule for property viewings. Their knowledge of the local market was evident, providing valuable insights that facilitated a smooth decision-making process.

    In addition to their professional acumen, the team at Hidden Coast Realty demonstrated a genuine passion for the beauty and uniqueness of Costa Rica. Their enthusiasm for the Hidden Coast region was infectious, and their ability to showcase the lifestyle benefits of each property was a proof of their love for the area.

    In conclusion, my experience with Hidden Coast Realty was nothing short of exceptional. Their personalized approach, transparency, dedication to customer service, and in-depth knowledge of the Costa Rican real estate market make them a standout company. I wholeheartedly recommend Hidden Coast Realty to anyone seeking a seamless and rewarding real estate journey in Costa Rica.

    Thank you 🙂

    Luca Attilo
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    I trust them 100%

    Joost Hauwert and the whole Hidden Coast Realty Team are just excellent! I trust them 100% and they work for their customer’s deals as if it was their own money.

    Dominikus Link
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    A five-star experience from start to finish!

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Hidden Coast Realty in Costa Rica, and I must say it was a five-star experience from start to finish! From the moment I reached out to inquire about their services, I was met with the utmost professionalism and a genuinely friendly attitude.

    The team at Hidden Coast Realty goes above and beyond to make you feel not just like a client, but a valued partner in the real estate journey. The friendly and approachable demeanor of the staff made the entire process enjoyable, and their dedication to ensuring a positive experience was truly remarkable.

    What stood out to me the most was the unwavering trustworthiness of all the employees. They provided transparent and honest communication at every step, creating a sense of confidence and reliability that is often hard to come by in the real estate industry. This level of integrity made me feel secure and well-informed throughout the entire process.

    The efficiency and speed with which Hidden Coast Realty operates are truly commendable. They understand the importance of time in real estate transactions, and their prompt responses and proactive approach made the entire collaboration seamless. The team’s professionalism is matched only by their warmth, making the process not just efficient but also surprisingly pleasant.

    In conclusion, my experience with Hidden Coast Realty exceeded all expectations. The friendly, trustworthy, and efficient nature of the team made the real estate journey in Costa Rica not only successful but also enjoyable. I highly recommend Hidden Coast Realty to anyone seeking a real estate partner who prioritizes client satisfaction, transparency, and a genuinely positive experience. They have truly set a standard of excellence in the industry. Five stars without a doubt!

    Valentin Scharf


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