Quick Facts

Popularity: High
Province: Guanacaste
Quality:  World Class
Style: Fresh Water, Surf Casting, Inshore, Offshore
Best time of the year: All year around / May through September
Regional Airport: Tamarindo – 10 minutes away
International Airport: Liberia – 60 minutes away
Distance to San Jose: 258 KM, 4-5 hour drive

Fishing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Guanacaste is a world class destination for fishing. Its north pacific coast is home to some of greatest species targeted by fisherman’s: marlin, sailfish, rooster fish, mahi, wahoo, yellow fin tuna and more are around most of the year. A nice fleet of boats are at your disposal to take you out for half or full days depending on your budget and goal. You will be switching up approaches between trolling, jigging and sight casting.

Fishing off the coast of Tamarindo, Costa Rica and along the coast are generally better in its summer months from May through August although you really can score at any time of the year.

You can also fish from the shore and snapper, jacks, snook and even rooster fish if you work hard enough for it. We recommend using bait from the shore and fishing at high tide– casting in tide pool areas will provide sufficient amounts of bait. If you are fishing on the reefs, please ensure you do not use weights but rather floaties to avoid getting snagged and losing your line and hooks on the rocks. From the beach, you can try any type of jigs and swimmers or top water lures if you see bait balls.

Freshwater fishing is also great in Costa Rica, you will be able to find fish like rainbow bass, tarpon, snook and more. We recommend using a local guide anywhere you go to ensure your practice of fishing is sustainable and you are using the right methods.

The Incopesca is the national administration of CR’s fishing. You can review all the permits needed on their website depending on the type of fishing you wish to pursue. The funds obtained from permits and donation are distributed to the organization and its scientists and rangers in charge of keeping our marine area prolific and healthy. Some areas are protected and cannot be fished. Marine life also includes protected species that have to be automatically relieved and tossed back into the water.

Please educate yourself on our local environment and rules to ensure you are enjoying your Tamarindo fishing experience while preserving the ocean and keeping her clean!

Gear is not easily accessible for independent use down here but all the fishing charters and local guides will be able to provide you with gear on their boat.

If you are looking to fish on your own, we recommend you bring your own gear.

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We hope this information was useful and that you get the chance to score some fish!

Fish on!

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