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Hidden Coast Realty’s mission is to help people interested in buying, selling or renting property in Tamarindo and the surrounding areas. With our expertise in Tamarindo real estate for sale we will find the perfect fit that you are looking for. Our philosophy is to get buyers the properties they want at the best prices and help owners sell their properties as quickly as possible. Need a place to stay while you’re exploring the possibilities of Costa Rica? We have vacation and long-term rentals, too.

People come to Costa Rica for the beauty, fun, relaxation and the wonderful people they meet here. They stay for those reasons, as well as the stability of the government, growth and development of the economy and safety of the country.

Whether you are looking for Tamarindo real estate for sale or a permanent home, a vacation spot or a commercial opportunity, we can help find your perfect place. We also have farms and undeveloped lots available.

We have properties in Tamarindo, Langosta, Playa Grande, Avellanas, Flamingo and Hacienda Pinilla and we are always adding new locations. We also have representation serving San Juanillo and the Playa Coyote area including San Miguel, Costa de Oro and Bejuco.


Joost Hauwert founded Hidden Coast Realty in Tamarindo, Guanacaste in 2000. His goal was to find the best deals for his clients, many of whom were from abroad, and to help them navigate the challenges of buying property in a foreign country.

In 2006, the office in Puerto Coyote was opened, run by Joost’s long-time friend, broker Hans Bakker.

Puerto Coyote is a pristine, more remote area with secluded beaches and beautiful mountain ranges, located further south on the Nicoya Peninsula.
In 2011 the Tamarindo office was moved to a more central location in town at the Plaza Tamarindo building across from Pacific Park.

In 2017 Hidden Coast Realty started to expand towards the area of San Juanillo , Nosara, Marbella and Ostional with Steve Vonder Haar as the representative agent.

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