Playa Organos

Playa Organos…..The Next “Big Thing”

Playa Organos faces Isla Tortuga which is one of the most scenic must go-to places in Costa Rica. Paquara is the “big” town and is situated minutes away from Playa Organos. In this town you can have some of the best meals for the lowest prices. Macho’s and Las Vegas are on the main road. They sit side by side and offer choices of delicious meat dishes at Machos and Las Vegas has outrageously good...

Ahhhh! Playa Organos….

Playa Organos has everything a world traveler or expat could dream of in an adventure, fun, people, location and things to do….. Playa Organos is located at the Southern most tip of The Nicoya Peninsula. This is a “Blue Zone“. You might ask: What is a “blue zone”? There are five blue zones in the world. These blue zone areas are special areas in the world where people commonly live to be...

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